Controlled substances cannot be refilled by phone and must be on paper form only.

  • Prescription refills are never available on weekends or holidays.
  • We require a 48 hour notice for all prescription refills.
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To obtain a refill of your medication, call the office at 541-492-1340. To effectively process your request we will need the following information:

  1. Spell your first name and last name
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Spell the name of the medication(s) to be refilled
  4. The name and location of your pharmacy
  5. Area code and phone number where we can reach you
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At each visit we will try to ensure that you have sufficient refills to last until your next appointment. Please make every effort to schedule your follow-up appointment at the time of your office visit. This will assist you in keeping your refills current and prevent running out of your medication.If your medication should need to be refilled between visits, it is vital to keep your next scheduled appointment in order to receive further refills. To schedule an appointment please call 541-492-1340. Many pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs for medications.