To make an appointment, please call 541-492-1340 during normal office hours. At each appointment we’ll verify your contact information.


Each new patient is asked to print and complete the new patient forms. While it is not essential that these forms be completed before you come for your visit, doing so will make it easier and quicker for your session to get underway. If you have not completed the forms prior to your appointment you will need to come in 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to fill out the necessary paperwork.

At each visit please bring your insurance card with you, and be prepared to pay your co-payment or deductible at the time of your appointment.


Please call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel any appointments you will be unable to keep so that we may offer your appointment space to other patients who are waiting for care. There will be a $50 minimum fee for each appointment the patient does not attend without providing at least 24 hour advance notice of cancellation or rescheduling.