Mill Street Psychiatric accepts most insurance carriers and will assist you in filing claims for your mental health care services. We ask that you verify your insurance coverage prior to each visit by either calling your insurance carrier directly (refer to the Member Services/Customer Service number on your insurance card) or from your employer’s benefits office.

Recommended questions to ask your insurance carrier and/or your employer:

  1. Does Mill Street Psychiatric or Jan Maybee participate with my insurance plan?
  2. What is my co-pay amount for a mental health office visit?
  3. Are there any limits to my mental health coverage?
  4. What is the amount of annual out of pocket expense for which I will be responsible?

Please remember to bring your insurance cards to each visit so that we are able to bill your insurance properly. It is important to notify us right away if your insurance plan changes, or if your name or address should change.

Should you have any insurance or billing concerns, please call our office and someone will return your call within 48 hours.

Please remember, the ultimate financial responsibility for payment lies with the patient, not the insurance company.